EA is ditching its booth at E3 this year so it can open its demos to the public

EA is ditching its booth at E3 this year so it can open its demos to the public

E3 is the biggest gaming expo of the year where publishers announce and show off their upcoming games.

This year, Electronic Arts (EA) isn’t going to have its usual booth at the conference and has instead opted host an event called EA Play in Los Angeles and London so the public can come and play demos of upcoming games before E3 gets underway.

Gaming fans at the events will also be able to enter an e-sports tournament, and EA says there will be special guests.

It hasn’t been made clear what titles will be available to try out at the events but that’s probably because most of them haven’t been announced yet.

EA will still have its usual keynote at E3 when it kicks off on June 14 in LA, but with both events in the UK and US happening first, it will be interesting to see if anything gets held back as a surprise.

EA Play will take place in LA on June 12 to14 and for one day in London on June 12. Both events will be live-streamed, along with behind-the-scenes content and special online-only competitions and prizes for anyone not in LA and London.

It’s a big move for EA to abandon the traditional booth at E3, especially since last year the industry-only convention allowed a number of gamers into the event as guests, but this takes that gesture one step further, giving the fans a first look at news as it breaks.

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