What’s new in Minecraft’s biggest update to date?

What’s new in Minecraft’s biggest update to date?

Today, Microsoft dropped a new console update, 1.8.8, for Minecraft on the world. The update is the biggest so far and features even more blocky pieces of pixelated mastery that gamers are sure to love.

The update features new blocks, mobs and biomes as well as a three new eggs for Creative Mode: ‘rabbit,’ ‘Guardian’ and ‘Endermite’ spawn.

I’m particularly excited about two of the new biomes, Roofed Forest and Deep Ocean. The latter of which requires the new ‘Potion of Water Breathing’ in order to find. Once inside, you’ll be met with two other new additions, the ‘Elder Guardians’ and ‘Ocean Monuments.’

While the above details what I’m excited about, it doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the new features and additions. If you just can’t wait to see what’s in store, Mojang has the comprehensive list of updates, features and additions.

The update is available on all consoles except Wii U, which just released Minecraft yesterday.

Playstation and Xbox Editions Get Humongous Update [Mojang]

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