Rdio staff face layoffs after Pandora buyout

Rdio staff face layoffs after Pandora buyout

Following its acquisition by Pandora, we knew that Rdio as it was known would no longer exist. However, it gets worse than that for Rdio’s former staff – Pandora has filed a WARN report in California, which is required before carrying out mass layoffs, Venture Beat reports.

The document is a legal requirement and must be filed 60 days in advance of carrying out the firings. It says that 123 people in San Francisco could potentially be let go between now and the end of 2015, which is in direct contrast with what Pandora said when the acquisition was first announced.

The company originally said it was prepared to offer “many members” of Rdio’s 140 employees jobs, which appears to no longer be the case.


A Rdio representative has told TNW:

“As is required by law, Rdio issued WARN notices of layoffs to all 123 employees in the United States. Pandora has announced plans to hire approximately 100 of our employees after the bankruptcy court approves the transaction and the deal closes, which means the majority of Rdio employees will continue having jobs.”

➤ WARN Report [via VentureBeat]

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