‘Drift’ aims to end sleepless nights by removing blue light from your TV

‘Drift’ aims to end sleepless nights by removing blue light from your TV

Drift TV, by Saffron — a company specializing in sleep-oriented smart lights — is a $99 device that aims to improve your ability to fall asleep at night.

Saffron claims its technology coincides with research done by Harvard University, which indicates blue light can be disruptive to sleep patterns

The light tricks the brain into believing its daylight, thus upsetting our circadian rhythm — our natural sleep/wake cycle — by retarding the production of melatonin, the hormone released to signal your brain that it’s time to sleep.

Now, you can partake in your usual late-night Netflix binge and still get to bed at a decent hour, or, decent-ish.

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Drift TV connects to your television using via HDMI switch or AV receiver and allows you to set a desired sleep time in the on-screen menu. From there, Drift does all the heavy lifting by slowly removing the blue spectrum light from the screen, starting an hour before that time.

Users can also set a desired wake up time at which point your TV will return to its full-colored glory.

Drift TV is coming in December 2015 and is said to sell at a $99 pricepoint. You can get yours by signing up for an email update about the release at the Drift website.

This Box Makes It Easier To Fall Asleep By Slowly Removing Blue Light From Your TV Screen [Gizmodo]

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