CAST makes TV social as it tries to out-stream the Slingbox

CAST makes TV social as it tries to out-stream the Slingbox

CAST is a home entertainment hub by GENII that connects all your devices and allows you to livestream them not only to your television, but to friends and family around the world.

CAST features a mobile hub, a smartphone app, Wi-Fi camera, and an HDMI dongle that connects your device to the app for easy “casting” from device to television.

Casting to a television screen isn’t new, but the magic happens when you have two or more CAST hubs. When connected, the hubs bring about a whole new level of social entertainment.

For example, if you want to send grandma that funny cat video — you know, the one where it’s vibing to Hotline Bling — watch football with friends, or even play Fallout 4 with your friend on the other side of the world, you can.


While you’re watching, or playing, you can also connect the Wi-Fi camera so that you and up to four people can chat in realtime.

Those who receive content you’ve cast don’t even need to have the same subscriptions as you to view that content.

So, if you want to watch a football game with your friend on the East Coast who doesn’t have NFL network, no problem, you can cast the game to him through the device. You can watch Netflix movies with those that don’t have accounts, share region-specific YouTube videos, or even catch the local news — from thousands of miles away, all with a simple upward swipe on your mobile device.


Currently, CAST is a Kickstart project (that hit its funding goal). You can grab huge discounts on the retail price by backing the project, or you can grab your own CAST kit for the $399 retail price once they start shipping worldwide in September 2016.

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