New Hashtag Analytics dashboard lets social media pros track campaign performance

New Hashtag Analytics dashboard lets social media pros track campaign performance

Most social campaigns have a hashtag associated with them, but measuring the impact (or who is participating) isn’t always so easy. That’s why Postano has released its Hashtag Analytics dashboard.

In partnership with social media analytics platform StatSocial, Postano tracks the metadata associated with a hashtag. Things like age, gender and location of people using the hashtag are tracked, while their favorite TV shows or sports teams (gleaned from pages users follow or like) are also worked into the mix.

The hastag tracker also takes into account the impact a particular user may have; celebs with three million followers across social platforms likely have more impact than you or I would.

Postano says the tool works with “leading social analytics platforms” to help provide a well-rounded look at a campaign.


“The Hashtag Analytics dashboard eliminates the guessing game for marketers and helps brands stay more in-tune with their online audience, and we’re excited to have our technology be a part of it,”  said Michael Hussey, Founder and CEO of New York City-based StatSocial.  “Postano is using our technology in a creative way by measuring the specific audience participating in the hashtag campaign. Ultimately, the integration adds incredible value to brands because they’re able to finally compare differences in participants from campaign to campaign.”

After a 14-day trial, the Hashtag Analytics dashboard will cost $79 per month. It’s clearly aimed at professionals, but those with shorter term campaigns may want to drop a few bucks and measure its impact, too.

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