Turn your tweets into charitable donations using Creddon

Turn your tweets into charitable donations using Creddon

Pledging your support for a particular cause through a hashtag or a tweet, better known as slacktivism, has become the norm. However, raising awareness isn’t always enough and Creddon is trying to remedy that by turning tweets into charitable donations.

It’s sad but true that as much as we pledge our support for particular causes, it’s money that helps change the situation for most. Creddon has a number of sponsors, including Slack, Bebo, Effect and StartupHouse, that have pledged to make a donation for every tweet made.

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When you have chosen your cause, Creddon gives you a pre-loaded image tweet mentioning the project and the sponsor, with approximately 40 characters left for you to personalize your message. Once you hit the ‘send’ button, that’s your job done and the sponsor will make a $1 donation on your behalf.

Creddon is still in beta at the moment and when I tried it at first, it was a little glitchy, but the team was quick to recognize the issue on Twitter (it had added ‘Test’ to my tweet) and rectified it. After you complete your tweets, you can choose to give the team some feedback on the service.

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While it’s only possible to use in conjunction with Twitter right now, the Creddon team says it is hoping to add more social networks in the future.

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