Wix’s redesigned website design editor also added some cool new features

Wix’s redesigned website design editor also added some cool new features

Do-it-yourself web design platform Wix has rebuilt its editor. Along with a new user interface there are a ton of new tools, one of which the company says is a first for a code-free platform.

That ‘first’ is a parallax effect, which Wix says gives websites “an added layer of dimension” by adding a parallax scrolling effect. It brings a modern 3D effect when scrolling, and just plain looks cool.

Wix also added a full-screen strip layout to help segment a website. Strips can also be edited and repositioned anywhere on a site, too.

Video can also stream in the background, and users can upload their own or choose from Wix’s own library. The videos can play full-screen or in strips, and can be styled with color palettes or overlays.

If you’re totally new to website design, Wix will help you choose a template based on your profile. If you’re opening a bistro, Wix will show you popular templates for that type of business (who wants their restaurant website to look like the local accountant’s, right?)

There’s also a new element that allows you to pin things to the screen as a user scrolls through your page.

To achieve a broader toolset while remaining nimble, Wix tapped Facebook’s React technology. The company says it’s what allows them to offer cool new effects like parallax but remain fast.

Wix’s new editor is currently live, so go check it out.

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