Topshop now recommends what to buy based on your Pinterest activity

Topshop now recommends what to buy based on your Pinterest activity

Pinterest has teamed up with British multinational fashion store Topshop to create a personalized shopping experience based on your pins.

Pinterest Palette, as it’s called, analyzes the colors that are in the images you’ve pinned and then recommends items that might be to your taste.

There are millions of fashion-related images saved on Pinterest every day, so the partnership is a good fit for the company that has ramped up its efforts to monetize its site by introducing ‘buy’ buttons and more advertising in recent months.

This also makes Topshop the first international company to be a part of Pinterest’s Developer Platform since it was made public in July.

You can log in to the Topshop site using your Pinterest account details and get recommendations based on what you’ve pinned. For example, if you’re planning a wedding and saving dress photos a lot, your recommendations will be mostly a neutral palette.

The service will extend to Topshop’s retail stores too, kicking off with its flagship on Oxford Street in London where personal shoppers will act as color advisors using customer’s Pinterest Palettes for inspiration.

Other stores will be kitted with iPads that customers can use to print their recommendations to reference while they shop.

Pinterest saves a huge amount of data about its users, so it could be interesting to see its recommendations expand beyond fashion in the future and possibly to other areas like home decoration and recipes.

Topshop Pinterest Palette

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