Report: Amazon has a $50 tablet coming this Fall

Report: Amazon has a $50 tablet coming this Fall

While Apple is reportedly prepping a massive iPad, Amazon may be going the opposite direction. CNBC is reporting the online retailer will have a 6-inch tablet available for $50 in time for holiday shopping.

There’s not much we know outside of that, but it’s likely more of a dedicated reader than full-fledged powerhouse. The Wall Street Journal is reporting this tablet will arrive alongside a refreshed Kindle lineup this Fall.

It’s uncertain how Amazon will position this tablet. At $79, the Kindle sports an ePaper screen — and also checks in at 6-inches. How a lower-priced tablet might fare comparatively is anyone’s guess.

Considering the Echo and Amazon’s Dash buttons, the tablet may sport some sort of upstart operating system for the home designed to keep you shopping rather than reading or playing games.

We’ve reached out to Amazon for comment on this news, and will update this post should we hear anything (don’t hold your breath).

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