Tagplay lets you manage website content using social media and hashtags

Tagplay lets you manage website content using social media and hashtags

There are plenty of really good tools for managing a website, but when you toss in social presence on top of it all, life for a small business owner can get tough. Tagplay is hoping to streamline website and social updates into one convenient service.

Tagplay’s aim is simple; update your social accounts (like Facebook), and your website updates automatically. So long as you use the correct hashtags in your social posts, your website knows to update as well.

Sections of your site are assigned tags, so a sub-header that may be your thought of the day would be #randomthoughts, while a section just for travel pics would have a seperate tag. Use the appropriate tag when making a post on social media, and TagPlay alters the linked section of your website.

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For more complex website sections (the example used is a menu from a fake restaurant, La Trappe, that needs alterations), Tagplay provides an email address for your site. Just email the new content with the appropriate hashtag, and Tagplay automatically remedies it.

Engaging fans is also simple. So long as people use the appropriate hashtag on Instagram, their pictures will populate on your webiste, should you choose.

Simple business info like hours of operation or a phone number also change when you update your Facebook profile.

It all sounds easy enough, but there are pitfalls. Handing any section of your website over to the end-user is a recipe for disaster. Say your business gained bad press; not only would its name be dragged through the mud, so would a portion of the website (if users were angry enough).

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The same could be said for a group that had a bad meal at your restaurant; posting a picture of something other than the meal they just ate along with the hashtag for your site’s social section could get ugly, and quick. Tagplay tells us there’s a moderation feature that allows you to cherrypick social content from users, but things could still get ugly without it.

It’s also not clear how secure the connection between your social accounts and a website are.

So long as things stay positive for your business, Tagplay is a pretty neat concept. For the small business owner who’s strapped for both time and cash, the ability to lightly manage a website is enticing.

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