Google+ to be streamlined and unlinked from other Google services

Google+ to be streamlined and unlinked from other Google services

Hate Google+? You won’t need it to log into other Google services anymore. In a blog post, Google also says the entire experience will be more focused, which will send ripple effects down through YouTube as well.

The most significant change will be that YouTube comments will no longer tie-in to Google+, and vice versa. It’s basically rollling the YouTube comments section back to the way it was before Google+ was forced on everyone. Google is also promising those who have their YouTube and Google+ accounts linked will be able to unbind them soon.

In narrowing Plus’ focus, Google says it will “move some features that aren’t essential to an interest-based social experience out of Google+.” That’s apparently why Google decoupled Photos from Plus, and says location sharing will be moved into Hangouts at some point.

If you want to use Plus, your Google account will soon be all you need. Google profiles will stay private, unlike Google+ profiles, which were searchable.

Everything in its right place [Google]

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