Dropbox has acquired communication service Clementine

Dropbox has acquired communication service Clementine

Dropbox has acquired the communication service Clementine. Terms were not disclosed, but those using Clementine will have until August 31 to transition elsewhere.

In a blog post announcing the acquisition, the Clementine team says “Our mission and passion for workplace collaboration remains the same. Our stage will grow dramatically as Dropbox builds on our technology.”

Dropbox has not yet made an announcement on the acquisition.

In addition to chat, Clementine also offers conference calling features. Users can call each other without exchanging phone numbers, or join conference calls.

This is just the latest acquisition for Dropbox, which is rapidly creating an all-encompassing enterprise solution. The company recently purchased Mailbox for better email handling, and its Snapjoy purchase cemented its photo upload prowess. There’s also a nifty new file commenting feature, which — with some Clementine integration — could give us the ability to hop on a call from within Dropbox files.

Clementine is joining Dropbox! [Clementine]

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