Udacity will soon give all Nanodegree graduates half of their tuition back

Udacity will soon give all Nanodegree graduates half of their tuition back

Udacity, which hopes its Nanodegree programs will help people form all over the world learn new skills, is about to make it more affordable to those who finish their programs. Starting tomorrow, all Nanodegree graduates will get 50 percent of their tuition back.

The ‘half-back’ scheme was introduced in May as a limited time offer for those who finished their degree programs within one year. The Nanodegree program costs $200 per month; Udacity didn’t note any changes to its tuition reimbursement rules as part of the announcement.

Udacity says it has over 8,600 students enrolled in its six nanodegree programs, which got a huge boost from the Android nanodegree program introduced at Google I/O in May.

If students need further initiative to do well, Udacity is also announcing the Udacity Summit; an annual conference in Silicon Valley where students can “get a day to meet experts in the field, get career advice and meet with companies that are hiring.”

Best of all, Udacity Summit is open to students from around the world.

Udacity tells us its summit will require “top” nanodegree students to submit applications to attend. The company is still working out details on which “experts” will be there, but tell us it’s a safe bet companies it partners with for the nanodegree programs will be represented.

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