Instagram launches new editing tools: Fade and Color

Instagram launches new editing tools: Fade and Color

Instagram isn’t just about the Valencia filter anymore. Ever since it added a set of editing tools last year the app has become a fairly rich image editor in its own right. It’s now even more powerful with two new features: Fade and Color.

The former allows you fade shadows and highlights in the image to imitate the look of old film. Some its filter presets already introduce a degree of fading, but this allows you to fine-tune the amount to your liking.


Color, on the other hand, tints your shadows and highlights so you can make your photos look like old Polaroids or cross-processed film.


Instagram launched with just a few filters which eventually came to define the aesthetic of images on its platform, but today it’s grown into a full-fledged image editor, especially if you like that retro look.

The new features help keep users away from popular image editing apps like VSCO Cam, while adding some freedom for Instagram users who want more control over their photos. It’s particularly beneficial for serious photographers who often find Instagram’s presets kitschy, as the new set of tools makes it easier for them to basically create their own filters

Editing aside, Instagram’s also made it easier to follow your favorite photographers; you can now choose to receive notifications when particular users post a new image, rather than having to constantly check the app for updates.

The updates are rolling out today on Android and should be available on iOS in a few days, the company said

Color and Fade [Instagram Blog | Android | iOS]

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