Google brings its new Calendar app to the iPhone

Google brings its new Calendar app to the iPhone

Google is finally launching a Calendar app on the iPhone. We first reported on leaked images of the new app back in January.

Like on Android, the app is handily able to turn emails into Calendar events automatically, and it will load information from other calendars you’ve set up on your iPhone.

2015-03-10 10.16.38

It also includes an ‘Assists’ feature which provides suggestions for creating new events based on your email’s content. A Schedule View shows a quick look at all your upcoming events in chronological order.

2015-03-10 10.16.45

It’s a pretty nifty calendar app, and it’s long been overdue on the iPhone. Android users have had theirs since November.

You can download Google Calendar from the App Store now.

Google Calendar for iPhone. It’s about time. [iOS]

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