Dayafterday wants you to explore, gather and follow the content that fits you

Dayafterday wants you to explore, gather and follow the content that fits you

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London-based startup Dayafterday is a compact collective of all things creative on the Web. Moving away from RSS sources to the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, Dayafterday lets you focus on the content that best suits you. There is a clear emphasis on creativity from the design of the website to the content represented.

The idea behind the site was simple: to create one place for all the things you love – to act as a creative content aggregator. Users can sign up to the site to explore and follow artists, musicians, writers and other creative minds, keeping up to date with news and projects from around the globe.

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Inspired by the concept of exploration, that belief is epitomised by the sites founders – Bruno Antunes Luis and Gaspard Macelin. The pair met through their respective ex-girlfriends and while the relationships didn’t work out; the two entrepreneurs hit it off and have since launched two companies together – Gaspard+Bruno and Mougli – with Dayafterday being their third.

We spoke to Dayafterday founder, Bruno, to find out more about the entreprenurial duo.

TNW: Tell us what you do in two sentences.
Bruno: Dayafterday is your daily dose of things collected from the creative world. Things that help you stay present – things for today.

TNW: What’s your origin story? How did the company get started?
B: We decided to follow our heart in 2015, and we’re clearly emotionally engaged in this project, we’re passionate about this concept and wanted to push forward the concept of exploration rather than recommendation. That is the aim of Dayafterday.

Gaspard and I started a digital agency and an online reservation startup (present last year at TNW conference) and Dayafterday is the new project in which we put all our energy.

TNW: Who is your biggest rival and why are you better than them?
B: Some people compare us with or HypeMachine for some parts and Feedly for the aggregation concept – we hope that our human approach makes us a bit different.

TNW: Get rich or change the world – which is more important and why?
B: We work hard to make our ideas real. The biggest changes in the history of mankind were always made by a few people who were resilient enough to make it happen and who made it at the right time and place.
I don’t know if we’ll change the world and I’m not comfortable to say that we’re trying to solve a real problem, but I know how resilient we are.

TNW: Tell us one weird fact about a member of your team.
B: Weird? Maybe not, but one of us is also an Olive oil producer in Portugal.

TNW: If you weren’t working on Dayafterday, what would you be doing? 
B: Besides this project we’re also running our digital agency business – a bit like our own fund before Dayafterday moves from a personal creation to a real thing. So we’ll focus on this until we fall in love with a new idea.


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