Netflix update: What’s coming and going in March?

Netflix update: What’s coming and going in March?

Netflix has revealed its latest list of updates for March 2015 so if you’re planning on a TV binge, March may be the best time to get stuck in.

There are  some controversial moves with big titles like ‘The Graduate’ and ‘Adventure Time’ (Seasons 1-4) getting dumped but there are a lot of new shows and movies on the way to fill the gap too.

For the kids

Netflix also announced today that it is expanding its childrens programming with the addition of five new shows: ‘Inspector Gadget’, ‘Danger Mouse’, ‘Some Assembly Required’, ‘Bottersnikes and Grumbles’ and ‘Super 4’. This is despite Netflix apparently purging a lot of Cartoon Network titles like ‘Johnny Bravo’ and ‘Dexter’s Laboratory’ recently.

The rebooted version of ‘Inspector Gadget’ will air next month with ‘Super 4’ following suit in April and ‘Bottersnikes and Gumbles’ in the summer. The remaining two shows are not expected to hit Netflix until 2016.

Movies & Specials

Some notable new additions include the Roger Ebert documentary ‘Life Itself’, comedian Aziz Ansari’s ‘Live at Madison Square Garden’ show, ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ and 1 of 1: Genesis (by Marvel and ESPN films).

For this special feature, ESPN and Marvel teamed up to explore the idea that superstar athletes are essentially superheroes that have more than just the superpowers.

TV Shows

March 2015 will see the addition of two new Netflix original series – the Tina Fey produced ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ and ‘Bloodline’.

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ is a comedy series that was originally created for NBC. It stars The Office’s Ellie Kemper as a woman who gets rescued from a cult and starts her life again as a nanny for a famous socialite in New York.

‘Bloodline’ is from the creators of ‘Damages’ and is a dramatic thriller about the demons lurking beneath the surface of a modern American family.

The complete series of ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’  and Season 5 of ‘Archer’ will hit Netflix in March as well with the first half of ‘Mad Men’ season 7 airing at the end of the month.

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