Daily Pulse takes a minimalist approach to team productivity

Daily Pulse takes a minimalist approach to team productivity

Every business wants to foster a efficient workplace, so companies frequently use complex productivity software to make sure tasks are getting done.

Employees, meanwhile, often feel like managers are breathing down their neck. These qualities can combine to reduce a worker’s engagement with his job.

Daily Pulse believes it can make progress reports more fun and rewarding by doing away with management and collaboration hurdles and focusing instead on concise daily communication.


The core product is simple: Each day, team members receive an email asking “What did you accomplish today?” (you can change or add questions). The next morning, Daily Pulse will send everyone a summary so the team has an idea of what’s been done and what still needs work. 

Users can then sign in to the service to comment and discuss others’ accomplishments. And like any good productivity tool, Daily Pulse rewards you for your hard work. Employees earn badges for submitting daily goals and engaging with their colleagues


Daily Pulse’s creators think this short-but-sweet interaction can effectively increase productivity, engagement and retention by allowing team members to learn more about each other in an unobtrusive way. 

That can be particularly true for remote workers who can’t directly see what the rest of their team is doing. Daily updates help encourage employees to discuss achievements and help each other out without having to worry about coordinating meetings across time zones.

The service allows employees to submit feedback anonymously to managers, so they don’t have to worry about offending higher-ups and getting fired.


Managers can also find out what teams think of them with an option that allows them to solicit feedback.

Daily Pulse’s minimalist approach is a welcome change to productivity platforms overloaded with features. Other collaboration tools may have more in-depth task management and scheduling, but when they’re too much work, employees don’t use them.

Interested teams can sign up for a free week-long trial. It’s $5 a month per team member thereafter.

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