Super Bowl 2015 tech ad round-up: Which one is your favorite?

Fiat ad

It’s hard to ignore the Super Bowl. If you’re not watching the game, you’re hearing it on the news or tuning into an ad made for the season. Now that it’s over and the Patriots have taken home the trophy, let’s take a look at how tech brands, ranging from cars to online services to mobile games, used their precious airtime this year.

You can view all the ads on a single (very long) page here.

TurboTax – Boston Tea Party

Game of War – Super Bowl Teaser

BMW – #HelloFuture

Lexus – #LexusNX

T-Mobile – #KimsDataStash

Nissan – #WithDad

Esurance – #sorta

Fiat Chrysler – #500X

GoDaddy – #GoDaddy

Microsoft – #empowering

Squarespace – Om

Toyota – #OneBoldChoice

Clash of Clans – Angry Liam Neeson

Sprint – Super Apology

Dodge – Wisdom

Kia – The Perfect Getaway


Mophie – #StayPowerful


Wix – #ItsThatEasy

Heroes Charge

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Featured image: Fiat Chrysler

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