Amazon now lets shoppers bid on collectibles

Amazon Make an Offer

Amazon has just launched a new feature to allow shoppers to haggle with sellers on its site, reports Reuters.

Customers can now use Amazon’s Make an Offer feature on select items from third-party sellers in the site’s Fine Art, Sport and Entertainment Collectibles and Coin markets. Autographed movie props and posters, artists’ own musical instruments, LPs, magazines, letters and and more support this feature, but only items over $100 are eligible.

Amazon Make-an-offer

While these items have a list price, users can indicate how much they’re willing to pay, and receive a response via email within 72 hours. Sellers can choose to match your offer, reject it or negotiate an alternative price with you. In the meantime, other shoppers can also make offers and even purchase the item at the listed price.

Make an Offer [via Reuters]

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