BitTorrent now lets any artist release premium content bundles

BitTorrent Bundle

BitTorrent has just opened up its bundle distribution service to allow all musicians, filmmakers and other media artists to offer fans paid content bundles on the massively popular peer-to-peer file sharing network.

Having become notorious for letting users share copyrighted music, videos, books and software without a central server in sight, BitTorrent has been revamping its image over the past few years, helping artists to promote their work. Thom Yorke, Public Enemy and Eddie Izzard are among its featured content creators.

TechCrunch reports, the new plan allows artists to create bundles with a paygate, so users can get some of the content for free and pay to unlock the rest. They can also choose to have a paywall activated once a download limit has been reached. Plus, artists can look forward to receiving 90% of all generated revenue – although they will have to bear payment processing fees which top out at 5%.

BitTorrent’s move could shake things up for musicians, filmmakers and software developers who are looking for ways to reach their audiences and get their work in front of potential fans, without relinquishing control of the money made off their efforts.

Paid bundles will roll out in batches and artists will need to apply to release their content this way – but those who want to promote their content for free can head here to create and offer free bundles.

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