Game of Thrones game incoming: Telltale teases 6 episodes

Game of Thrones game incoming: Telltale teases 6 episodes

Winter is here and the Game of Thrones game is coming soon. Telltale Games, the studio behind The Walking Dead and the latter-day Monkey Island series, has revealed that the first episode of its new Game of Thrones series is nearly with us.

The first episode of the Game of Thrones game will be entitled “Iron From Ice”. Telltale announced the series last year and has been teasing it ever since. Earlier this summer, the developer dropped a quote from A Dance With Dragons on Twitter and suggested that House Forrester will be the focus of this new chapter from Westeros.

Today’s Game of Thrones teaser from Telltale includes the phrase “episode one of six” beneath a painting of the Iron Throne. It’s appropriate given Game of Thrones’ epic scale that Telltale has stretched to six episodes. Its titles usually run to just five instalments.

Last year’s announcement trailer (below) promised we’d see the Game of Thrones game in 2014 and with winter definitely here, we can’t have much longer to wait.

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