Evernote integrates messaging with its Work Chat rollout

Evernote integrates messaging with its Work Chat rollout

Evernote has begun rolling out updates to its note-taking app to enable a conversation tool: Work Chat.

The feature was first introduced at a conference in October, and basically does what you’d guess – it lets you chat about the documents you’re working on. It also lets you share notes to any partners, including anyone you’re connected to on LinkedIn. 


You can share notes through the app itself, or send one via email and it will be marked as shared in your conversation for record-keeping. The feature should help make working on documents with a partner more seamless, particularly on mobile devices where switching to a separate chat application is more of a hassle.

You’ll also now see when a coworker is reviewing one of your documents via a small avatar, even if you’re not in the document itself. It’s a nifty way of keeping track of who’s working on what, and perhaps even prompt a conversation you might have forgotten to start.


The update is rolling out to the Android, iOS and desktop versions of the app today.

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