MobileX Labs launches its app building platform Nativ as an open beta

MobileX Labs launches its app building platform Nativ as an open beta

App creation platform MobileX Labs has announced the open beta for Nativ, its newly rebranded toolkit for building and marketing native mobile apps without having to code.

Previously dubbed MXL Build, Nativ is free to use, with premium services starting at $49 per month. Once apps are built, MobileX helps customers create marketing micro-sites for their products.


MobileX first released a minimum viable product of its app builder a couple years ago. In order to bootstrap the company, co-founders Dan Novaes and Kiran Panesar then used their own service to create simple apps, such as an Instagram client, that could quickly bring in revenue. The startup went on to raise $1.5 million to help scale up its app builder.

Nativ is tailored for content creators and retailers. Novaes recommends it for businesses that already have an existing audience and customer base and want to reach them on a mobile platform. The platform includes integration with Shopify, LevelUp and payment processors.


“We advise that [people] use our tool as a way to get customers in the door, as opposed to thinking about having them be in the app every single day.” Novaes said.

When I asked what makes Nativ unique compared to existing code-free app builders like AppyPie and AppMakr, Novaes emphasized that MobileX’s platform creates “fully native” apps, as opposed to hybrid technology. Other differentiating points include tablet support on both iOS and Android, custom app websites and marketing assistance. Panesar touted Nativ as a “much cleaner, more efficient system” compared to its competitors.

Nativ by MobileX Labs

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