Stuff-tracking Tiles will keep you from losing your fancy Blunt Umbrella

Stuff-tracking Tiles will keep you from losing your fancy Blunt Umbrella

Umbrella’s disappear. So you buy a cheap umbrella, but as soon as the wind picks up it’s inside-out and now you’re drenched. Blunt and Tile have teamed up for a quality umbrella that you can find when left behind or accidentally taken by a co-worker or stranger.

Starting today you can pre-order the Blunt + Tile umbrellas with the same abilities as the stand-alone Tile to help you track the umbrella when it’s misplaced. The Blunt umbrellas are able to handle wind gust up to 70MPH.

There are two umbrellas available: the portable Blunt Metro X_S + Tile that folds up and can fit in a hand bag or backpack for $69 and the Blunt Classic + Tile, a regular sized umbrella that’ll set you back $99.


The built in Tiles can be tracked and located within 100 feet of a smartphone with the companion iOS app (an Android app is in the works) via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). If the umbrella does disappear, other Tiles users anonymously track the lost item to help you pin down its location.

The umbrellas are expected to ship in November.

Blunt Umbrellas

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