Shazam makes a big move into interactive radio content

Shazam makes a big move into interactive radio content

Shazam today announced it is entering a partnership with Sun Broadcast Group, a network covering over 8,000 radio stations in the US, in a bid to widen its services beyond music identification.

Called Shazam for Radio, the new platform will allow Shazam to create interactive content for radio audiences and advertisers.


Basically, the service will allow radio stations to push content onto their audience’s devices as they listen to radio stations. You could be listening to a broadcast, open up Shazam, and be provided with more information about the current radio personality, or be informed about social network campaigns and promotions, in addition to your usual information about music.

This seems like a smart move by Shazam. As more services like Google Now and Siri provide easy music identification, it needs to find new ways to engage with audiences, and Sun Broadcast Group is likely only Shazam’s first partner. Likewise, it’s an interesting way to see old-school radio integrate itself into the digital world.


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