Shazam now has 100 million monthly active users on mobile

Shazam now has 100 million monthly active users on mobile

Shazam can be a valuable tool when you’re sitting in a bar and desperate to identify the music playing in the background. If you’ve been wondering how many other people do the same, this figure should put it in perspective: the platform has 100 million monthly active users.

The company says this is a 34 percent increase from last year, fuelled by more than 500 million mobile downloads. On average, this equates to 13 million new users each month, identifying songs over 20 million times per day.

Over the last 12 months, Shazam has changed drastically. The always-on “Auto Shazam” feature means that users no longer need to launch the app and manually hit the Shazam button; just last month, the company also launched a Mac app to offer the same experience on desktop. Earlier this year, it even announced a music label courtesy of a Warner Music Group partnership.

“Shazam now delivers a deeper discovery and content experience for music and TV, with retail, cinema and more coming soon,” Rich Riley, CEO of Shazam said. Our rapid user growth and engagement demonstrates that consumers are hungry for an immersive mobile experience.”

Shazam (Press Release) 

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