Prolific smartphone leaker @evleaks has retired

Prolific smartphone leaker @evleaks has retired

Tech companies worldwide will be breathing sighs of relief today after Evan Blass — the man behind the @evleaks Twitter account that is famous for revealing future products and insider information — announced his retirement in a surprise move.

Formerly a writer for tech blog Engadget, Blass rose to notoriety by consistently leaking images and information of future products from an array of companies that include Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and more. @Evleaks began anonymously, but Blass outed himself last October in an interview with Android Police.

Blass makes money from his leaks by selling ad space on his website — — and offering paid-for advertising on the @evleaks Twitter account, which has 187,000 followers at the time of writing. Blass hasn’t explained why he is bowing out of the leaking game, but we reached out to him to see if he is willing to shed more light on the decision.

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