Crowdfunding site Crowdtilt has changed its name to Tilt

Crowdfunding site Crowdtilt has changed its name to Tilt

Startups can end up with awkward names. Crowdfunding site Crowdtilt was no different. But today the company changed its name to the easier to remember Tilt and it’s celebrating with cheap clothing.

The newly renamed service is commemorating its name change by offering a t-shirt with its name and logo for $1 (limit two shirts per person). As you would expect, the company is using its own crowd-funding service to distribute the marketing device disguised as a deal.

The Tilt service lets anyone create a campaign to pool funds from friends for virtually anything. Post a short description and minimum dollar amount needed of what you want the money for, throw a photo up and set an end date and you’re good to go. Once you hit the minimum funds required (known as a Tilt) your campaign is a success.

Unlike Kickstarter that aims to get funding from anyone for a project, Tilt is more about friends getting together to pay for something.

➤ It’s Always Been About the Tilt

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