PredictionIO brings the power of machine learning to developers, without the need for a PhD

PredictionIO brings the power of machine learning to developers, without the need for a PhD

Machine learning is cool stuff, but usually it requires a PhD-toting data scientist to figure out. PredictionIO is countering that with its open source machine learning platform that lets developers add intelligence to their products without the need of a fancy degree.

Describing itself as the “MySQL of prediction,” PredictionIO provides 20 pre-set algorithms that developers can start running on their data. Data scientists don’t have to feel excluded, either, as they can still dive in an tweak the algorithms to their liking.

“We take care of the infrastructure, we retrain the model when new data comes in, we take care of the algorithm. It’s not a black box algorithm. We don’t believe in that,” PredictionIO CEO Simon Chan said in an interview. “Our uniqueness is it seems like we are the most developer friendly machine learning product on the market at this moment.

PredictionIO is built on the REST API standard, but it also includes SDKs for Ruby, Python, Scala, Java and more. Open source contributors have also built support for iOS, node.js, .NET and Magento.


According to Chan, university students with “decent programming skills” have managed to build app store discovery engines within an hour of starting out on the platform.

PredictionIO has raised $2.5 million from a group of investors, including Azure, QuestVP, CrunchFund, Stanford – StartX Fund, Kima Ventures, IronFire, Sood Ventures and XG Ventures. The startup is part of the Mozilla WebFWD, 500 Startups and StartX accelerators.

Since PredictionIO is open source, the core product will remain free. The startup does plan to eventually offer premium services for the enterprise.


Image credit: Charles Taylor / Shutterstock

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