Healthcare startup Zesty expands beyond dentistry in London, rest of UK to follow

Healthcare startup Zesty expands beyond dentistry in London, rest of UK to follow

Zesty, the last-minute dental appointment booking service available in London, has extended its remit to include other types of healthcare professionals from both private and public practices.

When we first caught up with Zesty’s founder Lloyd Price in July last year, he said that the plan was always to take the service beyond dentistry, and beyond London where it is currently up-and-running.

Clearly, negotiating the agreements with providers to establish a wider service took some time, but today Zesty is cutting the ribbon on its platform for booking GPs, podiatrists, physiotherapists, osteopaths and other types of healthcare provider.

Physiotherapy Search Results

Keeping to the same strategy as its dental-only launch, Zesty said it has focused on keeping the appointment booking service quick and free – but that it still provides vital user feedback and the available appointment times of individual professionals, which tend to be the key deciding factors (along with location) when choosing a provider. To ensure that customers feel comfortable, a reason for booking the appointment or symptoms are never requested as part of the process, Zesty said.

The site is fully adaptive too, so booking on-the-go from a mobile or a tablet should be no problem either.

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Through its partnerships with private and NHS practices, Zesty says it can offer two different types of appointment: regularly bookable ones and last-minute appointments that had previously been booked by someone who later cancelled.

For now, Zesty is only serving users in London, but a spokesperson for the company told TNW that there would be a “nationwide service rolling out later this year across England, Scotland and Wales”, although exactly when hasn’t been revealed.


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