Reddit now lists trending subreddits on its front page

Reddit now lists trending subreddits on its front page

Subreddits are a key part of Reddit, as they create tons of engagement on the site by letting registered users create custom sub-forums for anything under the sun.

To find a subreddit among thousands and thousands though, can be a challenge. In comes trending subreddits, which Reddit is now listing prominently on its homepage right under the sponsored link, as TechCrunch reports. Essentially, these are subreddits which have climbed in popularity recently — and five will be displayed at one time.

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In its latest changelog, Reddit says that subreddits that are surfaced are based on a ‘Secret Formula’ that updates daily. Some points to note: only safe-for-work subreddits will be shown, and the formula for subreddit selection contains anti-cheating controls — users trying to game a subreddit into the list will be banned. If you’re a moderator and don’t want your subreddit to show, there’s an option to uncheck “allow this subreddit to be shown in the default set” in the settings.

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