Over $112 million was pledged to Kickstarter projects in the first three months of 2014

Over $112 million was pledged to Kickstarter projects in the first three months of 2014

Kickstarter today published new figures detailing how successful its crowdfunding platform was during the first three months of 2014.

Over $112 million was donated to eligible products, equal to $1,244,868 on average each day. It’s a huge sum, although Kickstarter attracted $480 million in pledges last year – which is roughly $120 million for each quarter.

Of course, the amounts raised on Kickstarter are dependent on the projects submitted. Pono Music, a new portable music player, raised over $5 million last month and was undoubtedly its most successful crowdfunding campaign over the three-month period. Only the Pebble smartwatch, Ouya video game console and Veronica Mars movie have received higher pledge totals on the platform.

Some have questioned how the behavior of backers will evolve on Kickstarter in the long-term, especially as more projects come to market and people have a better grasp of the challenges involved. These figures could indicate a slowdown on the service, or at least a wariness for what’s being funded.

Earlier this month, Oculus VR was acquired by Facebook. The the virtual reality startup pitched its Oculus Rift headset in September 2012 on Kickstarter, and since the deal some backers have expressed their disapproval.

In the first quarter of 2014, there were 887,848 backers on Kickstarter – of which 679,413 were pledging on the platform for the first time. A little under 5,000 projects were successfully funded and on March 3, the crowdfunding platform passed $1 billion in total pledges.

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