BleepBleeps wants to inject tech parenting with a sense of style and personality

BleepBleeps wants to inject tech parenting with a sense of style and personality

The Internet of Things is a rather unfortunate phrase. While the potential it represents is massive, the phrase itself is a bit, well, ambiguous – often, the end result of the potential is a dry and unapproachable device that doesn’t make sense in the real world.

Step forward BleepBleeps, a UK company that wants to make the Internet of Things a whole lot more approachable and personable with its range of connected parenting devices.

The first product the company plans to launch is the ‘Sammy Screamer’, a small triangular device you can attach to practically anything (there’s a magnet inside too, so it’ll work on things like fridges) that will emit a noise when moved. It’ll also send a push message to your phone to let you know that someone has been tampering with the cookie jar. Naturally, it can be used for many things aside of extreme cookie loss prevention measures, and there’s a loop handle as well as a magnet, so it can be hung from a door handle, tied to a bag or put anywhere else you’d want to monitor movement.


The volume of the ‘scream’ can be controlled via the BleepBleeps app, which will ultimately provide control and guidance across the whole range of planned devices.

The project is currently live on Kickstarter and looking to raise $20,000 – after just one day, it’s already at around $13,500 (correct at time of writing) so looks well on the way to being successfully funded. It seems the idea of imbuing personality into household tech is one that resonates with people.

Indeed, ‘Sammy’ will soon be joined by a raft of other devices, the next of which will be the ‘Tony Tempa’ ear thermometer, which will give advice via the app as well as just monitoring temperature. Then there’s ‘Cecil G’ and Lilli Loco, GPS tracking devices for your child to wear or carry around in a bag, and the ‘David Camera’ video monitoring device – that would be the red one in the image above that looks like it’s holding a monocle.

It’s not just for people that already have children though, other planned additions to the range include devices to help you start that family in the first place, like the Master Bates male fertility tester and the Olivia P Sticks ovulation tester.

Once you’ve managed to get pregnant there’s Ultra Stan, the ultrasound pregnancy scanner that will allow parents to see their child whenever they like before it has even been born.

However, that’s all yet to come, for now the first product is the Sammy Screamer. The lowest pledge still available to bag yourself a Sammy when they ship in August this year is $60, but they’re going fast.

➤ BleepBleeps | Kickstarter

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