Thinkful for Teams launched to supercharge your company’s coding nous

Thinkful for Teams launched to supercharge your company’s coding nous


Thinkful, the company that pairs students wanting to learn coding skills with professional engineers and developers, has launched a new feature today called Thinkful Teams, aimed at bringing together online and offline learning for adults.

The feature is aimed at businesses that want to train their team by making the most of Thinkful’s one-on-one mentorship, structured curriculum and online community – but that also want to blend it with “the unique offline community and culture of each company”. This is achieved  by running the sessions in the company’s own offices using the company’s community manager, a Thinkful mentor, or an engineer at the company trained in Thinkful’s methods.

Thinkful said it added the team feature as it was receiving so many requests and signups from businesses registering whole teams of employees to learn on its platform. As a result, in September last year they started work on Teams, and have since then been testing it in private beta with companies like Chartbeat and Noodle Education. Now it’s in open beta and is available for any company, startup or team, Thinkful said. The company currently offers three-month courses in front-end Web development, Ruby on Rails, iOS development and programming in Python.

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