Forrester: Microsoft is beating Apple and Samsung in the battle for consumer mindshare

Forrester: Microsoft is beating Apple and Samsung in the battle for consumer mindshare

Microsoft has more consumer mindshare than mobile behemoths Apple and Samsung. In fact, the latest findings from Forrester Research say Microsoft was the only brand to achieve the coveted “trailblazer status,” which indicates it is “at the forefront of brand building with a unique and distinct brand identity that sets it apart from other brands.”

This is the type of finding we’d expect to see for the enterprise market, not the consumer market. Forrester argues, however, that innovation is a key to successfully building a sustainable consumer technology brand, but it’s not sufficient. The firm explains that its measurement includes a brand’s resonance (the emotional connection a customer has with the brand) as well as a brand compass scorecard (the brand’s progress along four different dimensions: trusted, remarkable, unmistakable, and essential).

Still not convinced? Neither were we, until we read Forrester’s reasoning for placing Microsoft above Apple and Samsung:

All three brands were seen as innovative by consumers, so what sets Microsoft apart? While Apple and Samsung battle it out to reign supreme with the coveted Millennial generation, Microsoft has quietly stolen the consumer technology crown by becoming more trusted and essential across multiple generations. The very ubiquity that perhaps renders it uncool turns out to also be its strength.

In other words, Microsoft has been more successful over a longer period of time, leading a stronger brand overall. The question is: will it be able to keep the crown? The company is being increasingly attacked on all fronts, and it’s going to have a tough time emerging on top.

Forrester’s results are based on a survey of 4,551 US online adults in August 2013. If you want to read the full report for yourself, you’ll have to shell out $499 at the link below.

Innovative Consumer Technology Brands Win The Battle For Mindshare

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