Gnip verifies what services have genuine access to WordPress data firehose with new certified program

Gnip verifies what services have genuine access to WordPress data firehose with new certified program ...

Gnip today launched a Certified Products Program for WordPress-creators Automattic as a means to offer peace of mind to brands that qualified analytics providers genuinely have access to the blogging platform’s firehose of data, thereby receiving the full conversation about their company and products. At the beginning of this program, only two services have been certified: Networked Insights and mBlast.

The social data provider is currently the only company officially licensed to distribute WordPress’ content and each day offers up more than 430,000 posts from, more than 500,000 posts, and over 225,000 comments.

Chris Moody, Gnip’s CEO, said in a statement “If you’re a brand looking for social media analytics, you deserve to know that you’re receiving complete, reliable data from the social media publisher and that data isn’t being scraped. Automattic’s Certified Products Program brings transparency to the market on who is getting data from the source.”

There are different ways of getting data from a source. As Altimeter Group’s Susan Etlinger notes, brands could pull data through data/screen scraping, via a social data platform or provider like Gnip, DataSift, and Topsy Labs, receive it directly from the social network or web service thanks to the firehose, or tapping into a public API.

Right now, Gnip has only certified Networked Insights and mBlast as genuine analytics services for WordPress. This means that both Gnip and Automattic have reviewed these services and determined that they are legitimate and have true access to the WordPress firehose. That means that users of the analytics service can potentially feel reassured that when they’re tracking blogging content and sentiment, they aren’t getting just part of the picture.

If you want to participate in the Automattic Certified Products Program, you’ll need to email

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