LinkedIn lists 2013’s most in demand employers: Google, Apple keep first and second but Microsoft, Facebook slip

LinkedIn lists 2013’s most in demand employers: Google, Apple keep first and second but Microsoft, ...

LinkedIn today released its 2013 list of Most InDemand Employers. The top two companies were both in the technology sector: Google and Apple. Microsoft and Facebook, however, which were in third and fourth places last year, have slipped to fifth and sixth place, respectively.

The results are based on LinkedIn’s 238 million users, as well as over 25 billion interactions between professionals and companies. The company also highlighted that Spotify, based in Stockholm, was the smallest company (by number of employees) to make this year’s list at number 99 and that Amazon broke into the top 10.

Here are the 20 tech companies in the 2013 list:

  • 1: Google
  • 2: Apple
  • 5: Microsoft
  • 6: Facebook
  • 7: Amazon
  • 23: Twitter
  • 25:
  • 38: VMware
  • 39: Oracle
  • 44: Electronic Arts
  • 53: Adobe
  • 55: HP
  • 59: Razorfish
  • 60: Cisco
  • 74: Netflix
  • 84: Red Hat
  • 85: Samsung
  • 89: Siemens
  • 90: IBM
  • 99: Spotify

LinkedIn noted that there was a strong international showing this year: 42 percent of the 2013 Most InDemand employers are located outside the US. Last year the equivalent figure was 32 percent.

For the sake of comparison, here’s the 2012 list:

  • 1: Google
  • 2: Apple
  • 3: Microsoft
  • 4: Facebook
  • 13:
  • 14: Twitter
  • 25: Amazon
  • 35: Electronic Arts
  • 36: Samsung
  • 37: HP
  • 39: Netflix
  • 41: Groupon
  • 42: Zynga
  • 46: VMware
  • 49: RedHat
  • 74: IBM
  • 75: HTC
  • 81: Activision
  • 87: Adobe
  • 100: LivingSocial

As we noted before, LinkedIn’s list will always be biased towards technology companies. After all, the service is a social network, and these are the types of businesses that follow the latest trends. Furthermore, those who are technology-savvy (many LinkedIn users) are interested in companies that are all about pushing forward in this space.

Last year, I speculated that Apple might dethrone Google, Twitter and Samsung would move around quite a bit, and “if things continue, Zynga might not even be on it.” I was correct for two out of my three predictions.

In 2014, I’d expect Amazon will continue its climb while HP will keep slipping. I’d also say Spotify will jump up a lot of spots, unless of course it ends up getting acquired.

Top Image Credit: beermug

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