Eventbrite hits $2b in gross ticket sales spurred by international growth and new event categories

Eventbrite hits $2b in gross ticket sales spurred by international growth and new event categories

Eventbrite appears to be headed for an amazing 2013 as it revealed today that the ticketing platform has crossed $2 billion in sales for event organizers — 25 percent of which was processed in just the last six months. At last count, the company had processed more than 100 million tickets and had $1.5 billion in gross ticket sales.

Julia Hartz, Eventbrite’s co-founder and President, said in a statement:

This accelerated growth and global adoption signifies the universal need for a simple, yet robust, platform, which helps organizers sell tickets and promote their events. Our extensive experiences helping organizers with millions of events informs the choices we’re making today. We remain laser focused on building our team and platform to provide the best innovation for organizers, large and small — and are ready to put even more power into our global presence.

The company attributes its growth to two areas of its focus: international expansion and category growth. With the former, Eventbrite believes its localized service in 14 countries and in seven languages plays an important part. Of course, now that it has acquired Eventioz and Lanyrd, Eventbrite will be able to add access to South America and the UK among its accomplishments in the global market.

As for the latter, Eventbrite says that it has diversified the type of events it services, including music, festivals, endurance sports, and conferences.

Here’s a graph that the company put together to show how quickly it made it to $2 billion in gross ticket sales:

image (4)

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