DataSift adds support for Tumblr to its social data and analytics platform

DataSift adds support for Tumblr to its social data and analytics platform

Social data platform DataSift has added another big name to its growing list of data sources, this time bringing in Tumblr. Starting today, users will be able to leverage the blogging platform’s real-time data stream of 5.5 billion global interactions to understand the sentiment behind what people are posting.

Tapping into Tumblr’s data stream isn’t new for these platforms as DataSift joins competitor Gnip in being one of the main resellers with access to the blogging platform’s fire hose. However, the addition will certainly help marketing agencies and consultants better help their clients target ads and reach out to their community. In conjunction with the announcement, DataSift is also providing a “package of consulting services” for Tumblr agencies that already have access to the service’s data.

While it’s not unique to DataSift, getting access to Tumblr’s data comes months after the company was acquired by Yahoo for $1.1 billion. Tumblr’s data should now be available through its Query Builder, which DataSift open sourced in February. It also gives DataSift access to its first blogging platform data stream.

DataSift CEO Rob Bailey said in a statement:

Tumblr is one of the fastest growing and more highly engaged social networks. Brands and agencies need a better solution to capture and capitalize on the platform’s tremendous stickiness, and the DataSift platform is the only one to make that possible today. By providing access to real time and historic Tumblr data, the DataSift platform further expands brands’ and agencies’ ability to distill actionable insight from their engagements with consumers.

With DataSift’s consulting package, agencies who are already working with Tumblr’s customer data will receive industry, brand, and audience insights.

Photo credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

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