Nike+ FuelBand and Jawbone UP workout data can now be synced with your MapMyFitness account

Nike+ FuelBand and Jawbone UP workout data can now be synced with your MapMyFitness account

MapMyFitness continues to embrace the growing popularity of health and fitness wearables after adding support for the Nike+ FuelBand and UP wristband by Jawbone.

UP users can now add their workouts to MapMyFitness by entering their existing account details in the ‘Import Workouts’ section of the dashboard. Once authorized, data recorded by the wristband will be imported as a single walk every night. Sleep data and manually logged workouts are not supported at this time, however.

Nike+ works in a similar fashion, supporting all workout information stored in the user’s overarching Nike+ account. This includes FuelBand data, as well as exercise logged through other Nike apps such as Nike+ Running and Nike+ Basketball. Identical to the UP integration, MayMyFitness will batch import this data each night and clearly separate them as an all-day walk and individual workout sessions.

NikeFuel, the metric created by Nike to help athletes compare their performance across multiple disciplines, will not be stored by MapMyFitness though. All of the information is converted into steps, which makes sense given that none of the other supported wearables will be using this feature.

MapMyFitness, the home of wearables

The MayMyFitness platform has supported wearables before, but aside from Fitbit’s range of fitness products, they’ve been mostly niche tools that only a small subset of fitness fanatics use. By supporting the Nike+FuelBand and Jawbone UP, the service has become far more useful.


It’s also a massive bonus for anyone that uses these wearables. The Nike+ FuelBand is a robust bit of kit and the company’s sports apps are well-designed – but until now, all of the data has been walled off to other companies. It means that users can’t collate and compare this information with external data being stored by other wearables, which creates a fragmented, ambiguous picture.

Jawbone UP is exactly the same. MapMyFitness, along with its own range of apps such as MapMyRun, MapMyRide and MapMyWalk, is hoping to be the glue or unified platform where users can review, analyze and take action on all of this information. By bringing different wearables together, fitness aficionados can cover each device’s weaknesses and create a clearer picture of their progress.

MapMyFitness now has over 18 million users logging more than 700,000 activity routes and nutrition logs each day. The platform also supports over 200 fitness trackers, wearables and mobile devices – we think that should cover pretty much everything.

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