Huawei hits back over spying fears: ‘Defamatory remarks’ are distractions from real-world espionage

Huawei hits back over spying fears: ‘Defamatory remarks’ are distractions from real-world ...

Huawei has hit out yet again over “defamatory remarks” made about the company relating to its involvement in the critical national infrastructure of other countries.

The latest riposte comes in response to reports that a former CIA boss said he had evidence of Huawei spying on behalf of China, according to the  Australian Financial Review (AFR) today.

The former head of the US Central ­Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency, Michael Hayden, told the paper that he believed the company, at the very least, had “shared with the Chinese state intimate and extensive knowledge of the foreign telecommunications systems it is involved with,” before adding “I think that goes without saying – it’s one reality,” according to the report.

While the US previously banned Huawei from competing to take part in the National Broadband Network over security fears, it’s the first time an official has claimed to have such evidence.

In response to the report, John Suffolk, Chief Cyber Security Officer of Huawei, told The Next Web that:

“Huawei is a world-leading, proven and trusted ICT company. These tired, unsubstantiated defamatory remarks are sad distractions from real-world concerns related to espionage – industrial and otherwise – that demand serious discussion globally.”

In a statement emailed to Reuters, Suffolk added that it was “time to put up or shut up”.

The AFR’s report followed news on Thursday that the UK government was going to review Huawei’s involvement with critical telecoms infrastructure in the UK and its cyber security center; a decision that a spokeswoman for the company told us Huawei welcomed.

This particular saga isn’t over yet.

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