Nestivity adds Google+ Hangouts and YouTube video playback to its Twitter discussion platform

Nestivity adds Google+ Hangouts and YouTube video playback to its Twitter discussion platform

Nestivity has released version 1.0 of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for hosting live conversations and discussions on Twitter, adding new support for Google+ Hangouts and YouTube video playback.

The startup first launched its public beta in April and has since added “tweetcast” functionality, which brings a central hub for live Twitter conversations, panels and Q&As, to supplement its core project and discussion service.


With the latest release, hosts can now hold a Google+ Hangout or play a YouTube video while piping in user comments and feedback from Twitter. Other media, such as slides and images, can also be displayed on the hub. The basic version of Nestivity is free-to-use, while premium subscriptions start at $19 per month.

Cobbling together Google+ and Twitter is a smart move. By combining Hangouts, arguably the best feature of Google+, with Twitter’s reach, Nestivity compensates for deficiencies on either platform.

Clients trying out the new tweetcast features include New York University, The National Aquarium, UNICEF and Fox News.

Nestivity’s implementation can feel clunky at times because it’s running on top of Twitter, so it’s a bit odd for comments on the site’s “nests” to be also tweeted out into the ether. However, holding a discussion directly on Twitter is even more fragmented and frustrating, so Nestivity still counts as an improvement in that regard.

The tweetcasting feature should also broaden Nestivity’s target audience. Whereas earlier versions of the service were much more targeted at helping brands improve their customer service, tweetcasts will be of use to social media power users that engage in in-depth dialogue on Twitter.

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