500 Startups begins accepting applications via AngelList for its fall 2013 accelerator program class

500 Startups begins accepting applications via AngelList for its fall 2013 accelerator program class

500 Startups announced today that it is now accepting applications for its fall 2013 accelerator class. Startups interested in being considered for the seventh batch can submit their application through AngelList today until August 16, with the program to kick off on October 7.

Affectionately known as Batch 007, 500 Startups is estimating that this class will have 30 companies and will very much follow the same criteria that it had for selecting those for its sixth batch: companies with strong teams and those with clear revenue models.

Furthermore, those that fall within the venture firm’s investment categories are also looked at, whether it’s in consumer & commerce, SMB/SaaS, family tech, education, marketing/distribution services, video content & infrastructure, language/international, mobile/tablet, food tech, or financial services/payments.

Applications can be submitted on AngelList, mirroring the firm’s previously efforts to accept 100 percent open applications for its accelerator class, putting less emphasis on referrals. Previously, majority of the startups accepted were chosen through recommendations from one of the 500 Startups partners or someone that they trusted within the #500Strong network.

In Batch 007, the firm is looking to also continue the pattern of bringing in more international and female-led companies. In the group about to “graduate”, nearly three quarters of those chosen came from outside of the United States. 28 percent of the sixth batch have at least 1 female founder, of which two of these founders are CTOs.

Could we be seeing companies from new markets like we did in the last batch?

Previously, 500 Startups admitted teams from Ghana, Africa and Dakwak and Tamatem, Jordan. The firm says that it is hoping to see founders from countries in the Middle East, Latin America, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Those startups interested have the next 30 days to submit their application, with interviews to begin around August 26. Decisions will be made the week of September 9, with the program to begin October 7.

500 Startups accelerator application

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