Spinnakr debuts its Web analytics platform and raises south of $1m from 500 Startups, a16z, others

Spinnakr debuts its Web analytics platform and raises south of $1m from 500 Startups, a16z, others

Spinnakr has moved out of beta and today announced its Web analytics platform is available to the general public. In addition, the company has raised a seed round totaling what it says is nearly $1 million, coming from 500 Startups, Andreessen Horowitz, Point Nine Capital, and others.

An alumnus of 500 Startup’s accelerator program, Spinnakr stakes its reputation on providing a real-time analytics platform that not only provides insights on activity happening on a website, but also recommends steps that can be taken to improve performance.

In a world filled with multiple similar services like Google Analytics, just how does Spinnakr plan on standing out? According to co-founder Michael Mayernick, the company has a product that provides insights, recommendations, and action, while also letting the user “focus on being creative.”


Spinnakr tells us that its platform will look through the log data as soon as a visitor arrives on the site. Any changes or trends will be reviewed and flagged quickly. Administrators are sent notifications when their site receives a specific visitor demographic, a spike in search term referral traffic, or activity from any particular article. Once received, the service will allow admins to craft a specific message that can be sent to that visitor segment.

Mayernick says the company “automatically discovers these insights in real-time, and tells you exactly what you need to do to benefit from that intelligence, closing the loop as quickly as the data comes in.”


The company tells us that it has worked to optimize more than 10 million page views each month for a range of companies in the small to mid-size business space, those in e-commerce, and emerging enterprise companies. It counts more than 200 users so far. Now, as it becomes available to all, the 5,000 businesses on its waiting list should be able to test it out and see if it’s up to snuff.

Spinnakr is available through a freemium model, whereby businesses are charged based on how much traffic their site receives.

Along with its general availability, Spinnakr has closed its seed round of funding, receiving under $1 million. It hasn’t disclosed the exact amount. Mayernick also indicated that the company will use the investment to build out its product and add more insight and targeting abilities and also focus on integrating its service into content management systems.

With more companies launching mobile applications, we asked Spinnakr whether it will be able to soon monitor activity within apps to help paint a better picture. Mayernick says that his product does support web-based mobile apps, but native integration is a bit more complicated. It plans on adding support for it in the future though.

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