PrivatBank reveals what banking will look like using Google Glass

PrivatBank reveals what banking will look like using Google Glass

The Ukrainian bank PrivatBank has given customers a glimpse of what they will be able to do using Google Glass once it is available on general release.

The bank gave the first teaser glimpses of the what customers will be able to do in a video on Tuesday and said that customers will be able to pay bills by taking pictures of them, transfer money or refuel a car with voice commands and pay for purchases by reading QR codes using Glass.


Rather than needing a massive technical overhaul of its systems in order to get up and running on Glass, PrivatBank is simply reusing its existing banking apps and technology on the new platform.

“PrivatBank has become one of the first banks in the world to begin implementing QR codes and voice-activated control to its services on a large scale,” Dmytro Dubilet, Marketing Director of PrivatBank, said. “The architecture of our applications suits Google Glass ideally. We don’t even have to adapt anything, everything is ready.”

For example, customers will still be able to pay bills by taking photographs using the bank’s PhotoKassa application, or SendMoney using voice commands, they just won’t need to use their hands to do it.

PrivatBank is keeping schtum on the specific date it will enable this functionality for its customers but did say it will be available “in the nearest future after the launch of Google Glass”.

Still, PrivatBank will likely have enough time to perfect the services for Glass use as the consumer version of the augmented reality headset is not expected to go on sale until the first half of next year.

You can check out the video for yourself below.

Image Credit – DPA/Getty Images

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