Here are the 12 startups in line to win the European Commission’s Tech All Stars competition

Here are the 12 startups in line to win the European Commission’s Tech All Stars competition

As part of the European Commission’s drive to promote tech entrepreneurship within the European Union, Tech All Stars was launched last year as a way of honoring the best startups to have completed accelerators or have won other startup competitions.

This year’s application process opened last month and now a panel of judges has filtered the hundreds of entrants down to a final twelve. These startups will go on to a three-stage process taking in Angelsbootcamp in Berlin, Founders Forum near London and finally the Digital Agenda Assembly in Dublin next month, where the winner will be announced.

Who made it through? Let’s take a look…

1. Trustev – “Real-time, online verification using social fingerprinting technology.”

2. Infantium Team– “Technology company that uses big data to individualize learning.”

3. Snap Fashion –  “A visual search engine to find your dream outfit from a photo.”

4. Transmetrics – “Saving millions € in transport with predictive analytics.”

5. Tempster– “Hailo for the hospitality world.”

6. Viewsy – Viewsy is a location analytics solution for the physical world

7.– Manage and monitor servers across clouds from any web device.

8. EcoChain – “The business ‘LinkedIn’ of sustainability”

9. SportSquare Games – “Develop cross-platform sport fantasy games for all the major sports in the world with real-time matches.”

10. CLYC – “Taking bicycle security and experience to the next level, the digital level and connecting it all to your smartphone.”

11. SNTMNT– “Social sentiment analysis for financial markets.”

12. Bableverse – “On-demand voice translation by pro interpreters and bilinguals, in any language & situation.”

We’ll be at the Digital Agenda Assembly next month and will let you know wins. By way of disclosure, I was among the panel selecting the final twelve, although I’m not involved in the process from here on in.

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