Box acquires, shutters file management app Folders to make Box for iOS ‘faster and more beautiful’

Box acquires, shutters file management app Folders to make Box for iOS ‘faster and more beautiful’ ...

Box, a company that provides cloud storage and file syncing services to consumers and enterprises alike, has announced the acquisition of Folders, an iOS client for viewing and managing files across Box, Dropbox and Google Drive.

This news comes just two weeks after Box picked up Crocodoc, a startup which specialized in HTML5-powered document viewing products, for a mix of cash and stock. In today’s reveal, Box detailed that both Folders and Crocodoc were acquired to enhance “the Box user experience.”

More specifically, Box shares that France-based Folders founder Martin Destagnol has already “spent the last few weeks working closely with our iOS development team on scoping the next generation of Box for iOS, which will deeply integrate the Folders technology.” In other words, if you’re curious about the next iteration of Box’s iOS app, Folders in its current form (pictured below) should serve as an accurate preview of what’s to come.


Box VP of Engineering Sam Schillace shares went on to say that Destagnol’s “work on Folders will be integral to the next-generation of Box on iOS.” Schillace believes that both the Folders technology and Destagnol’s expertise will help Box “improve how people collaborate and engage with their content on Post-PC devices. In the near term, Box for iOS will become cleaner, faster and more beautiful throughout 2013.”

Box has clarified to TNW that “the Folders app will not launch or be a standalone product.” Instead, Box users will see its technology and IP be directly integrated into the company’s upcoming iOS app.

Image credit: Digital Vision / Thinkstock

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