HootSuite updates its web and mobile apps to support Russian and VKontakte social network

HootSuite updates its web and mobile apps to support Russian and VKontakte social network

Social media management service HootSuite has been updated today with support for Russian, following a beta version that was introduced earlier this year.

Changing the language in the browser-based iteration is pretty straight-forward; head to settings, followed by options and select Russian from the appropriate drop-down menu.

The functionality is identical, offering users a single platform to keep tabs on numerous social networks and Web-based services including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Third-party developers have been keen to create additional apps, however, that provide support for other popular services including YouTube, Evernote, Instagram, Tumblr and WordPress.

The latest integration is VKontakte, a social network available in several languages and countries, but particularly popular in Russia. It’s a free app on HootSuite and allows users to post updates to the service, including photos, and view a real-time stream of other users’ status updates.

As with other supported services, the app also lets HootSuite users view and post comments on status updates, follow particular groups and search for content uploaded by other people.

VKontakte is a fairly niche social network in the United States and Europe, but with 200 million users, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. HootSuite has been wise to target every popular service on the Web right now, regardless of the region where it is most popular.

Earlier this week HootSuite was updated to support Tencent Weibo, joining its closest competitor in China Sina Weibo.

The company also launched a new Chrome extension called ‘Assignments’ last month, which allows HootSuite teams to assign posts and tweets to their fellow teammates without leaving Facebook or Twitter.

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